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Regular size is 11.25" square and comes in a set of six. 
Mini size is 8" square and comes in a set of four.

These reusable paper towels are made with one layer of flannel and one layer of Birdseye cotton. They will gain absorbency with the first ten or so washes! They also naturally stay together without snaps or other closures if you wanted to put them on a roll!

We use these for dinner napkins, to clean baby faces, clean up spills, etc. The great thing about them is you can use them more than once before washing, unlike a regular paper towel. Then at the end of the day they go in the hamper. They last a long time (I haven’t had to retire any yet after three months of heavy use).

Care instructions:  Wash with a regular load of like colors and dry as you normally dry (we tumble dry, high heat and they hold up!). Do not bleach or iron.  They have been prewashed.

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