About Us

Welcome to Cloudstitch Creations!

I started sewing as a way to help me through the loss of my mom, and it has really helped me through that, and then 1.5 years later it helped me cope with the loss of my dad.  Soon after this new hobby was discovered, my kids had enough clothes so I ventured into starting a small shop!

I love to find amazing quality fabrics and create stylish wardrobe pieces you or your little ones will love.  Additionally, our newborn sleepers and baby blankets make great gifts for expecting parents!

An interest that my husband and I share is sustainability.  We try our best to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.  Our reusable paper towels are made to last, potentially eliminating over 3,600 paper towels in landfills per year (about 10 paper towels per day).  Our reusable sponges are machine washable and with proper care can last 6 months!  We also offer cloth face masks. 

I’m a PhD chemist who works in the field of aviation, so I am drawn to science, math and aviation prints!