Custom Orders

I’d be honored to create a custom made piece for you!
Here are some details
Custom order ideas:  family clothing for photo shoots, sibling sets, mommy and me, daddy and me, birthday outfits, holiday outfits, and special items featuring something your little one loves, such as dinosaurs or trucks!  A common question is - can I make things using licensed fabrics. Unfortunately, it is not legal to profit off of licensed fabrics, so I stay away from them. 
Pricing:  the price for custom items is typically is higher than my ready to sell items. There are a few reasons for this, but I am always up for making things as cost effective as possible, so feel free to reach out with your ideas and I’ll give you a ballpark price before moving forward with the smaller details! 
Timeline:  I plan my sewing weeks in advance, so custom orders need to be fit into the schedule. If fabric needs to be ordered, there is additional time to factor in. My turnaround time on custom items is four weeks from the time I have all materials on hand. It is typically faster than that, but life happens and I like to have a buffer!
Payment:  I will send you a non-refundable invoice for half up front, then the other half will be sent when the fabric is in house. All invoices that are unpaid for one week (7 days) will be canceled, and the deposit will not be refunded.
Fill out the form below, email, or send me a message on Facebook to get started!

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